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Watch the Hollywood-inspired video for Asha Gold's newest single 'Oscar'

Asha Gold has been a fixture of the UK R&B scene this year, in which she's provided stunning singles, impressive live sessions and glistening music videos. Her content has been super colourful and modern, and so when we received the video for 'Oscar', we were pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic turn into Hollywood glamour and old-shcool cinema,

As Gold says of the creative process behind both the song and the video:

“I wrote this song a long time ago in my bedroom, deciding to tell the same story from three different perspectives - one verse for each character. The metaphor of cinema reflects the deception and pretence taking place: somebody here is so good at lying that they deserve an Oscar for their performance.”

Overcoming the hurdle of not being able to work with a full cast and crew on the video, Asha Gold takes on three different personas - The Betrayed, The Witness and The Offender. Over the vibey and fresh R&B-pop soundtrack, Gold plays out the high-drama of a toxic relationship.


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