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We're big believers in Kiss Kanoo's gorgeous new single

Emerging pop artist Kiss Kanoo may be at the beginning of her musical career, but she’s certainly showcasing she means business. Based in East London, Kiss Kanoo was born in Italy, and raised in the US and Australia. Coming from a swathe of influences and different cultures, she is a singer-songwriter and a show designer. Kiss Kanoo’s biggest influences are Die Antwoord, Grimes, Doja Cat, and Justin Timberlake. Growing up with pop, punk and cyberpunk influences, she is also trying to incorporate these into a new, electrifying pop sound. Kiss Kanoo is committed to delivering high quality visuals and aesthetics in line with her pop sound, but ultimately, she is here to make people dance.

Back with innovative new number ‘Believr’, Kiss Kanoo had this to say, “This is Kiss Kanoo’s fifth and strongest release so far. “Believr” is a mix of modern and nostalgic pop that will make everybody dance and forget about their problems. The song is the perfect, post-pandemic hymn of hope for a better and creative future; a future that 2022 is here to bring.”

Produced by Mario Fanizzi (Katy Perry, Carlos Santana, Boys Like Girls), “Believr” is prominently alt-pop with fragrances of indie thrown in for extra taste. Destined to leave you strutting your stuff on the dancefloor, “Believr” is imaginative and everything you’d expect from your new favourite pop artist. Taken from her upcoming EP ‘Primordial’, the release will not only be a auditory release but a visual one too.


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