We're on 'Cloud 9' with XTIE's upcoming single

Photographer: @alexanderyeung_⁠ // Stylist: @sci_fi_c0c0⁠ // Makeup Artist: @mua.crush⁠ // Hair Stylist: @hairstylist.sim

Honk Kong native XTIE is back with a shining new single titled, 'Cloud 9'. The pop songstress has been blending euphoric choruses with glowing narratives to great success, and she's kicked off 2022 with a bang. Listen here.

Talking about the new track, XTIE shares:

“This track is a collaboration with Kepatime. I wrote ‘Cloud 9’ based on a dream. The song talks about how hard it is to throw ourselves all in for something we want to pursue, and into what we are passionate about, and we all don't know how long will it take for the time to come in this journey, it is a very lonely journey. We put ourselves up in the clouds when we do our own passion project, but you don't know if you'd fall one day.” She further shares: “The track is full of energy, and a mood booster. I hope anyone who listens to this song can feel the warmth in the lyrics, and give our dream a chance, as well as remember who we are.”