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Will Wallace drops delighful visual alongside EDM banger 'Greenlight'

Emerging artist, upcoming DJ & producer Will Wallace drops his debut track today, an adrenalin pumping, bass-heavy remix of Rachelle Rhienne’s original, glitzy pop anthem, ‘Greenlight’. Taking her original work and completely flipping it on its head, Will’s version is an electronic dance music reimagining, choc-full of hypercharged electronic sounds, exhilarating drops, and pulsating synths.  Entirely self-produced, the track is a reflection of both Will’s ingenuity as a producer and his ambition as a musician, especially when you consider the fact he and Rhienne collaborated on the single remotely, with her in Scotland and him in London! ‘Greenlight’ glows with elements of hot future bass, hyped pop, and not least of all, Rhienne’s powerful vocals. The official music video is yet another glorious addition to Will’s debut, a hilarious concept-visual with old people, EDM, a beautiful flag girl (Rachelle) and a whole load of public disorder. It certainly seems that Will has equal amounts of talent as he does a sense of humour, a brilliant and thoroughly entertaining debut from the 22-year-old, we look forward to what he has in store for us next.

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