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With nature-bound "Ember", Ireland's Samuel Blaney makes his stunning debut

After hearing Samuel Blaney's debut single "Ember", I was irresistibly drawn to venture out into nature more often. The tender acoustic sound and atmospheric lyrics immersed me in a world where the bustling city noise fades away, replaced by the serene whispers of the wilderness. Samuel's heartfelt vocals and delicate melodies perfectly captured the essence of the natural environment, inspiring me to seek solace in the outdoors. In the gentle embrace of nature, I found myself surrounded by the symphony of birdsong and the rustling of leaves, just like the backdrop of the song. The experience was deeply contemplative and rejuvenating, a welcome escape from the daily grind. "Ember" ignited a newfound appreciation for the world around me and reminded me of the magic that lies beyond concrete walls. It's a song that resonates with the wanderer's soul, guiding me on a soulful journey of discovery and connection with the earth.

“The songs were usually written in one takes, recorded at dawn. Sometimes from a dream or vivid image, they are held together by the surrounding landscape which was silent and spacious. No lyric was prepared or written in advance; allowing a searching and vulnerability to form. The songs are tender because there was little outside noise, other than the birds and animals.”


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