World Goes Round release anthem-fuelled album 'World Goes Round'

World Goes Round are the hot new band revitalising the vibes of the eighties this year - and they’re doing it with style. World Goes Round is made up industry legends Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Marty Walsh and Jeff Hull. With their debut album exploding onto the scene and accumulating hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, World Goes Round shows us all that talent never ages. The most intriguing element to this band’s success is the rich tapestry of coincidences that have led to their recent revival. Having been professional songwriters back in the ‘80s, the group met back in 1989 and began to pen songs solely for them. Due to a multitude of both personal and contractual reasons, these songs have languished unheard for over thirty years. Flash-forward to the unfortunate year of 2020, the dusty cassette tape that made up World Goes Round’s debut album has resurfaced to redeem this year with some utterly amazing music.

Their self-titled album ‘World Goes Round’ is a captivating curation of songs. From the synth-soaked opening track ‘Rebel Heart’ to the funky fresh ‘Great Talker’ right through to the politically powerful concluding track ‘Big House,’ every inch of this album is swimming in style and flair. Paying tribute to those who serve for our countries every day, ‘Put It On The Line’ boasts an enticing eighties soundscape, showcasing the timeless talent of eighties musicians.

“It is dedicated to all the ordinary everyday heroes everywhere who put themselves on the line and in harm’s way each and every day for us — the ones who just turn up come what may and do their duty whatever the cost,” World Goes Round says of the infectious hit. With over one hundred and eighty-five streams on this track alone, it’s evident that World Goes Round are throwing people back to eighties in headphones all over the world. All ten tracks in this body of work are rife with a rich energy and electric atmosphere that will have you vibing in your lockdown bedroom in no time. World Goes Round are evidently on a mission to unite us all in these unprecedented time, and with hundreds of thousands of streams fuelling their Spotify feed, it’s evident they’re succeeding - so, let World Goes Round transport you to their musical world with their debut album and trust us, you won’t want to return to Earth.

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