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"You Should Find A New Boyfriend" is Litvar's unconventional hit single

Here I go again with a brand new band with a brand new song that came my way through my rapidly aging inbox. They do say that variety is the spice of life, so once again I'm venturing into unknown genre territory with three-piece indie band Litvar, the project of lifelong friends Rex Thurstan (he/they), Violet Falkowski (she/they) and Joe Lemieux (he/they). I really didn't know what to expect with their new track "You Should Find A New Boyfriend" because the way it evolves is so unconventional. So let's start at the beginning. The opening of this song instantly caught my attention with a delicate pattern of electronic chimes, some light beats and a few vocal clips - it's definitely an unusual introduction, but also so inviting. A few seconds into the track and Rex's brooding voice comes in with the words "tension, / screen went black, / my visions gone, / Vi helping me out to get some air, / panic, the nerves I’m shaking, / I’m a bad partner." It's clear from this that "You Should Find A New Boyfriend" deals with emotions of anxiety, panic, fear as well as the very physical symptoms of this mental turmoil. Don't let anyone ever tell you it's all in you head is a message that rings true here! I said this song was unexpected and that's because I was already vibing along with the sweet indie/pop sounds of this song's first half, but then I was absolutely blown away by the fury of its second half. Around the halfway point, Litvar's single turns into a huge indie/rock tune with a sing-along chorus, "You’ll meet the one, / find yourself, / make a child, / and move on / (you should find a new boyfriend, you should find a new boyfriend)". These words are still ringing in my head as I write up my thoughts and that's a surefire sign of good songwriting. Litvar are a one to watch.

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