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YUCIFER brings the big beats on hip-hop stomper 'Staring At The Ceiling'

Having already found himself on numerous Spotify playlists over the last few months, emerging rapper and MC YUCIFER is now looking to bring back more of that bold and passionate sound with his pulsing new offering ‘Staring At The Ceiling’.

Produced and written by the man himself, ‘Staring At The Ceiling’ looks to take energetic and rapidfire hip-hop flows and merge it with a pounding trap-inspired beat to create a fresh and electrifying return. Looking to highlight the loneliness and uncertainty we all deal with from time to time, his newest jam creates a captivating and engaging aesthetic that shows us that while things may not be quite right at the moment, they will inevitably get better.

Speaking about the new track, he said, “‘Staring at the Ceiling’ is about feeling empty, gutted. It is a single about emotional emptiness and uncertainty in life. I don’t know why it’s an emotion I’ve grown particularly familiar with but it has been and so I wrote about it. 

The song verbalises a time period of emotional emptiness and confusion with regards to life and the direction I wanted to take for myself at that point in time. I don’t ask the listener to provide an answer but present the questions and invite them to ‘get closer, feel’ what I am feeling. I feel that in relating to what others feel, we can also learn more about ourselves, and so everyone should try to be a bit more empathic, a bit better listener… things like that. 

I don’t feel anything particular about it, or towards it. It is not an emotion I would like to hold on to… but it’s done enough to me that I wanted to dedicate a record to it. I kind of put these things on record to precisely let them go…”

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