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ZELAH Keeps Listeners Close With New Dark Single

Anticipating the release of their upcoming debut EP, London duo ZELAH share their newest indie-pop track “Closer.”

“Closer” follows the release of “Static,” which includes anecdotes from the band’s lyricist Zelah Van-Gowler’s real life experiences. The single reflects those angsty feelings involved in the modern dating culture where everyone feels uncertain of where they’re headed when they first start dating someone.

The consequential butterflies in the stomach and exhilarating first few moments together can make anyone feel nostalgic and hopeful for a future side by side.

Zelah expresses herself with impassioned lyrics like “don’t make me wait” in an intense bout of atmospheric beats and intricate strings. Its raw, melodic elements give listeners something they can’t find anywhere else as they connect to each word and surreal moment given.

Both “Static” and “Closer” will be available on ZELAH’s upcoming EP due for release on May 1st 2020. Don’t miss ZELAH live streaming a special concert on Facebook live on April 30th. RSVP here.


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