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Air Apparent Unveils Glitch-Pop Fusion 'Wonderland'

AIR APPARENT invites Kcdeeya to collaborate on new release Wonderland, an electro-glitch-pop fusion.

Inspired by the great novel Alice in Wonderland, it’s a love song with a feel-good quality and an addictive looping hook. The combination of Kcdeeya’s soothing vocals in coupling with pulsing synths throughout the song laid out over a riveting beat makes it energizing and revitalizing for the soul.

Commenting on the creative process and making of the track AA comments, “I wrote this song with Kcdeeya across the world, across timezones! We wrote it as a love song inspired by Alice in Wonderland because sometimes being with someone can feel like a wonderful escape from a chaotic reality. While we wrote it before the pandemic, it certainly takes on a different, arguably more significant meaning during the pandemic.”

Growing up on an eclectic selection of music AIR APPARENT has taken it upon himself to constantly experiment and push boundaries with his music and disrupt the line between electronic, r&b and any other genre that suits his unique styling. Definitely one to keep an eye on, expect to see AIR APPARENT continue denying genre and producing groundbreaking tunes.


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