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AIR APPARENT Releases 'Wonderland' Inspired By Alice

Returning with a feel-good love song, inspired by Alice in Wonderland; up-and-coming indie-pop musician AIR APPARENT delivers his latest single, ‘Wonderland’, featuring vocals from the lovely Kcdeeya.

Hailing from Atlanta, AIR APPARENT has been honing his signature sound and style; working to breakdown barriers between genres and create his own idiosyncratic brand of artistry. The latest example of this; ‘Wonderland’ brings together indie and electronic elements to create melodic lo-fi soundscapes, filled with thrumming synths, electronic beats and distinctive percussive basslines. Weaving throughout the sonic landscape are the enchanting vocals of Kcdeeya, pairing perfectly with the dynamic, yet gentle, instrumentation.

AIR APPARENT describes the making of the track, “I wrote this song with Kcdeeya across the world, across timezones! We wrote it as a love song inspired by Alice in Wonderland because sometimes being with someone can feel like a wonderful escape from a chaotic reality. While we wrote it before the pandemic, it certainly takes on a different, arguably more significant meaning during the pandemic.”

Following on from the success of his recent releases 'Dance’ and ‘Cosmos’ - garnering over 150,000 Spotify streams - Air Apparent is showing no signs of slowing down.


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