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Aiva Delivers Magnetic New Track 'Skin'

Aiva, a UK-based artist, has dropped her latest sultry and seductive track, “Skin”.

Aiva’s sensual vocals are the highlight of “Skin”, completely captivating the listener from the opening line. Framed by a soft but relentless R&B inspired rhythms and a tantalising bassline “Skin” is an entirely bewitching single.

“‘Skin’ is my truth, written melodically with no filters so it means the world to me. I feel vulnerable yet inspired to share my struggles and imperfections as a woman in a world where perfection is promoted. For a while I was a stranger in my own skin and I had to share that to help anyone that might be feeling lost too.”

Known mostly for her magnetic live performances, Aiva has also amassed over 9 million streams across her previously released tracks, in addition to playing some of the most prestigious venues in London. With her new single, “Skin”, Aiva is hoping to further cement herself and her impact on the British music scene.


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