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Anate Flaunts Her New Track ‘Rio’

An ode to the beauties of the Brazilian city, Anate flaunts her spectacular talent on her latest track ‘Rio’.

The textural layering of the melody makes for a lush soundscape, with a steady acoustic riff and soaring synths uniting in a manner that feels truly powerful. Anate’s captivating vocals surge above the rhythm and rocket towards a breathtaking pinnacle point, displaying their ability to turn pop into a powerful force. Describing the inspiration behind the single, she explains “It’s a song about life, about appreciating every moment, every person we met, every place we’ve seen. It invites us to stop waiting for a divine redemption and start living now because that’s really all we’ve got. The music was written while my producer and I were jamming in the studio one evening and I started reading some lyrics I had already written on my phone. We had such a great time recording and I hope you can feel those good vibes”.

The track is a collaboration alongside producer Delman, who has been making music alongside Anate since they met in Bruxelles two years ago. His expertise helped to craft the Massive Attack-esque atmosphere that can be felt throughout, and their differing taste in genres marry to create a sound that is daring and diverse.

After her first release of the year ‘First Time’ raised intrigue, ‘Rio’ is a beautiful second offering from the Parisian singer-songwriter.


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