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Asher X drops uplifting pop song ‘Pick Me Up’

Released on November 20th, ​‘Pick Me Up’​ is a feel-good pop anthem with a powerful meaning behind its conception. Infectious and spirited, ‘Pick Me Up’ shows Asher X at his best. With his trademark impressive vocals, a crisp beat and thumping drumline, this undeniably fun track will lift listeners up within seconds.

As the closing track of his brand new album ​‘ANTHEM’,​ Asher X sings about being exhausted from work every day, sleep-deprived and metaphorically needing a ‘pick me up’ - but reminds listeners to keep persevering to find their happiness. Written from his own experiences working as a lawyer in the corporate world, ‘​Pick Me Up’ ​is both personal, yet highly relatable to all.

About ‘Pick Me Up’, Asher X states “​Pick Me Up is a cheerful, uplifting, pure pop song about that special someone that gets you through the hard times. Sometimes, it just feels like nothing is going right – or maybe you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in what feels like an eternity. In these moments, it’s important that we have someone to lift us up when we’ve given up. I wrote this song during my days as a lawyer, and it’s a daily personal anthem of mine.”

After the release of his empowering 10-track pop album ANTHEM’,​ Asher X has let the world know of his songwriting artistry and vocal talent.


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