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B Written Releases Vibrant Fusion R&B/Pop Track 'Googling'

With a distinctive blend of R&B and pop, rising British artist B Written emerged onto the music scene last year with his debut track ‘Pour Me A Drink’. And now, the independent singer-songwriter is back with a vibrant and captivating fusion of R&B-pop and hip-hop, in his brand new single ‘Googling’.

Delving into the world of modern virtual love stories, and the complex duality they can present, the track leans upon a gentle and rhythmic R&B-pop melody; the perfect sonic backdrop for B Written’s harmonious vocals.

Talking about the single, and the meaning behind ‘Googling’; B Written explains:

"'Googling' narrates us through a modern day, virtual love story that looks perfect to the online audience but proves that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It is a reflection of our social climate and how the digital perception of us has become more important than the real thing, revealing the dark side to what people will really do for status and clout. The truth is you can design your virtual life from scratch; you can paint a picture of your lifestyle, love life and happiness to please total strangers. Did you ever really love me for me or did you only love me for what I could give you? Was it real or just virtual reality?”

Already having immersed, and began to garner a name for himself within the music scene over the last several years, this has seen him rack up an impressive list of accomplishments already; including supporting an array of international acts such as Sean Paul and Ashanti, in addition to some well-established UK artists such as Krept & Konan and Bugzy.


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