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Ballast Produces Masterful Beats In 'Spiders Have Feelings'

Having been known to the world as an artist who loves to experiment with dark themes and juicy beats, Ballast is a producer and singer who proves time and time again that he deserves to be in the spotlight.

The Australian, now based in London, has been featured by the likes of Triple J Unearthed Radio and more, but it's the combination of electronica beats with hip-hop influenced flows that really make Ballast interesting.

The producer has always wanted to make an impact on music in some way, which is noted when the track starts off slow and melodic, but then rises as the beats become slightly faster, whilst keeping the calm and collected vocals in play.

Speaking on the track, Ballast says:

“My sister and I wrote this song about those moments in life when meeting new people and get given the cold shoulder before you can express your true character”, explains Oscar, “I have experienced this a number of times during my schooling and even starting some new jobs. I feel like everyone can relate to this in some way at some point in their lives, we all go through it as humans, it's how we grow and learn. This is where the name of the song comes from, because spiders are often neglected and killed, despite the fact that they never have any malicious intentions.”

You can listen to the track below.


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