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Benedict delivers powerful alt-pop anthem 'Wake Up'

Benedict puts across a powerful message on their new single ‘Wake Up’, encouraging the listener to do exactly that. Swelling synths and strings build-up to an anthemic chorus that urges society to not just tolerate differences, but to champion minorities who face persecution for simply being themselves. Reminiscent of the late great Bowie and electronic artists such as Massive Attack, Benedict uses their musicality as a force for change and puts across a message that hits close to home.

Discussing ‘Wake Up’, Benedict reveals: “I wanted to bring to light the suffering, pain, serious nature and traumas in this world we as humans experience and bring on each other – also, lies we believe from the government that cause division and brokenness within our society. In contrast, I then wanted to show the similarities as humans that we all carry everyday. I wanted to show that we are better together and, living in this controlled and manipulative societal structure, we could find peace and freedom by clinging onto each other.”

This poignant track shows that Benedict is a force to be reckoned with as they strive to make a change in the wider music industry and champion under-represented artists.


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