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Bestfriend unveil the wonderfully warm single 'Does It Matter?'

Following on from the huge success of their previously shared single ‘Last Bus In The A.M.’, which landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist, received airplay on London’s Hoxton Radio, and was supported by the likes of Vents Magazine, The Hype Magazine, and A1234, fast-rising indie-pop duo Bestfriend are now back to do it all again as they return with their wonderfully uplifting new offering ‘Does It Matter?’

While recorded at the end of last year, ‘Does It Matter?’ has ended up taking on a new meaning in these locked down days. Written from the perspective of a lover who wishes they could see their partner more often, this new release finds itself with more resonance than initially intended as many around the world also find themselves isolated away from their loved ones. With its happy yet emotional guise, their newest delight looks to balance the heartache of loneliness with the knowledge that someday we will all see each other once again, and see the pair make a dazzlingly relevant return, filled with accessible beats and glossy synth/guitar tones.

Speaking about the new track, they said, This song was written in December 2019, before things really came to a head in 2020. It’s a love song about wanting to be with the person you care about the most to comfort each other while the world starts to end around you. The transit theme compares this comfort-in-the-world-ending notion to a similar feeling of running into someone you love on your way somewhere. We’re on a train at the same time going to different places, living our own lives as best we can, but we get to see each other for a brief, sweet moment while we do.”

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