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Casablanca Drivers Deliver '205 502’ Right On Time

French collective, Casablanca Drivers are taking on a true indie psych-rock/pop with ‘205 502’ off their debut album ‘Super Adventure Club’.

The band's bright, trippy synths, distorted vocals and indie rock-infused beats take us on a magnetic sonic journey. James Ireland, producer and member of the Australian Band Pond has imprinted his own signature as the tracks sound engineer.

Delving into more detail about the new release, “Like the three previous singles, the song keeps on with blending elements of pop and indie rock combined with saturated guitars and synths. An electric adventure to a mystical hotel that the band invite us to discover. The song's dynamic also owes a lot to James Ireland, music producer and instrumentalist from famous Australian band Pond who mixed the track”.

Founded in 2012, the band consists of duo Nicolas Paoletti and Alexandre Diani, both singers and guitarists. Now based in Paris; they have spent the last several years honing their artistry. For even more of this goodness check out their album 'Super Adventure Club'.


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