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Chaz Cardigan previews upcoming EP with catchy new offering 'Room'

With his highly-anticipated new EP 'Holograma' set to land on the 22nd October, emerging singer and songwriter Chaz Cardigan has now returned to share his latest offering 'Room'.

Following on from the previously shared 'Everything's Wrong' and 'Middle Of The Road', 'Room' sees him continue that bright and uplifting aesthetic he is always looking to produce.

Speaking about the new cut, Chaz said, “When we started writing ‘Room,’ it just snapped me back into being 16.  I realised that feeling of being in love for the first time is something I’ve been chasing for so long. We really dug deep and tried to make it as tactile and specific as possible, with lots of little details, like the map of Ecuador he had on his wall.”


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