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Chichester & London based duo McLeish & Spencer reveal new single ‘Falling Away’ via Novium Records

The follow up to their debut ‘I Remember’ which saw the duo gain acclaim from the likes of Clout, the new single once again demonstrates the pair’s strikingly complete sound despite being only their second ever release. Recording at Old Blacksmiths Studios in Portsmouth, Ewan McLeish (lead vocals, guitar) and Matt Spencer (lead guitar, backing vocals) have set the scene for a year of exciting new releases.

Another glittering Indie-Pop gem, ‘Falling Away’ opens with a bright, instantly infectious guitar riff before Ewan’s Jeff Buckley-esque vocals gently float in emphasising the melancholic tone of the track. Bringing together softly strummed acoustics, beautifully tasteful guitar riffs and a swaying bass and drum beat, the duo capture an essence of 90’s Alt-Rock whilst still retaining a fresh and breezy edge.

Speaking about the new single, Ewan and Matt explain: "Falling Away is a reflection of the ever-changing dynamics in a relationship, romantic or friendship, and how they evolve as we grow older and look to develop ourselves."

Writing by sending each other ideas online throughout 2020: recording remotely, swapping riffs over email and building their sound, the pair have written a collection of tracks ready to start playing shows over the coming months.


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