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COTTA Continues Upward Trajectory With New Single “Ghostin’”

Australian talent COTTA is slowly but surely finding her footing within the industry, having only just now shared her third single with “Ghostin’.” COTTA has been dubbed as "the lovechild of the late 1980s and Maggie Rogers,” and releases her music independently, having seen her first two singles “Better” and “Didn’t Call“ receive radio rotations and praise from Triple J.

COTTA’s third single “Ghostin’” perfectly showcases what the rising singer and songwriter is all about: personal lyrics, charismatic vocal lines and a blend of alt-pop and indie. Thematically, the song finds COTTA on the receiving end of being ghosted by a love interest, a story that she amazingly sings about over a mid-tempo instrumental that combines lush piano and hard-hitting drums.

“This song taps into the gut-wrenching, unexplainable frustration when you're on the receiving end of being ghosted - even if it's drawn out and maybe not immediate - and serves as an f-you anthem to the ones that never deserved your time anyway,” explains COTTA about the meaning behind song.


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