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Cyberattack shares psychedelic video for ‘Invincible’

Quirky, colourful and trippy, Cyberattack’s brand new music video for ‘Invincible’ is one to really get lost in. The video’s fun vibe accompanies the track’s dynamic melodies and infectious chorus perfectly, as we get an insight into Cyberattack's inner psyche.

Discussing the single, Cyberattack explains: “This song is supposed to sound like the dreamy, obliterated feeling you get when you walk home from the gym or something, and you feel completely exhausted and out of it, but also good. Lyrically the idea is that even though I used to care about being invincible someday, the only way to get there is by wrecking yourself, one way or another, and the cost is that you can't feel anything afterward.”

He further notes: “For the music video, I wanted to capture the feeling of running all over my hometown in suburban New Jersey, when I was a teenager and obsessed with being on the cross-country team (and also with being invincible). I've always thought there was a weird, highly artificial beauty to suburban NJ, and I wanted to capture that once and for all in this video. There's a brightness to that world, and a super-fake amazingness, that reminds me of how my song sounds and also what it feels like to feel invincible for a second.”

Cyberattack is NYC-based singer, guitarist, songwriter and YouTuber Ivan Anderson. Nodding to a wealth of nostalgic sounds, he creates something compelling and fresh within his music. Staying in his own lane and forging a sound that you won’t forget easily, we predict Cyberattack is set for big things.

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