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Czech Vibes Sound release audio-visual series in the form of weekly singles

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

One of the most impressive rising labels in the electronic world right now, Czech Vibes Sound has been making a massive move within the past couple of months, gearing up to release an extensive visual compilation that has been long in the making. Orchestrated with care by the Czech Vibes Sound team, Keys & Smoothies is a collective step towards showcasing talented artists that are close to the heart of their listeners. The tastemaker imprint is known for merging electronic and Hip-Hop influences, releasing stellar music that is as cinematic as it is intricate, and boasts a self-dubbed “angelic lofi” sound: 

“An energetic, cinematic yet calming soundscape of synths and natural-sounding instruments, some of them backed up by a hip-hop beat reminiscent of the boom-bap era or full vocals songs with angelic sounding voices […] Sometimes you can hear some residues from r&b, tropical house or chillhop rhythms.”  

A single from Keys & Smoothies has been released every Thursday since April 30th, and now with almost all tracks released, Czech Vibes Sound is gearing up for the final push of the compilation as a whole. The name comes from the lighthearted way most of the tracklist’s songs were created; waking up in the morning, and creating music while drinking a smoothie. Talented artists from all over the world such as Niicap, Good Gatsby, Watermark High, Mellowdine, Sensho, and many more are featured, solidifying this lineup as one of the most diverse yet. The visuals accompanying Keys & Smoothies are truly stellar as well, based on photography and places connected to the label and their real-world adventures. They are definitely contributing to this amazing compilation, that is definitely going to be a big step forward for the label, as well as for all artists involved. 

Check out the full playlist below, or click here


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