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Dezabel Reimagines 'Somebody' Just In Time For Christmas

Inspired by charity work and in an effort to spread Christmas cheer, Dezabel has released the captivating reimagining of his anthem Somebody.

Soaring brass notes, groove-laden bass and soul-filled vocals create a riveting track that you’ll want in your ears all day long. Somebody features the masterful jazz stylings of Swiss band Frische Frische as well as embracing vocals from Ben Bottfield, a U.K based singer/songwriter.

Explaining the meaning behind the song and the story it tells Dezabel expands, “‘Somebody’ is a love song that touts how an incomplete version of yourself becomes so clear with that special someone”

This year Dezabel has spent a lot of time working with the charity Siftung Rgz which helps disabled people. Whilst working with the charity he became aware of how the slightest actions from a person can make such a considerable difference to another's day. Through this, he was inspired to share the song as a free download for everyone and ask only that anyone able, to make a donation to the charity, no matter the size.

Dezabel works with musicians all over the world, oftentimes collaborating with students and emerging artists. He produces all of his music from the rural setting of Oberwil in Switzerland and has spent years honing his craft. He describes his unique sound as “When Zurich meets La”.

Released in time for Christmas, Somebody is sure to add to the festivities and aid in spreading feelings of cheer and joy.


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