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Don't miss Joshua Idehen's powerful dance-floor single "All You Can Do Is Try"

We all carry the weight of the world sometimes. The worries, the doubts, the longing for simpler times. But wait! Here comes Joshua Idehen with "All You Can Do Is Try," a spoken-word anthem that throws a dance party right in the middle of your introspection. This British-Nigerian artist, a mainstay in the jazz and electronic scene, isn't your typical pop star.  Idehen's a poet, a wordsmith, and his verses here feel like a powerful pep talk layered over a bumping club beat.  It's a unique blend that's both thought-provoking and gets your feet moving. The song's message is simple but powerful: even when the world feels heavy, sometimes all you can do is try. And that's okay. The story behind the song, about finding encouragement from a loved one, adds an extra layer of warmth to the message. It's poetry for the modern age, fusing the power of spoken word with the energy of the club scene. Plus, with remixes coming from Swedish DJ heavyweights Bella Boo and Mr. Tophat, you know this track is ready to keep the party going long after the spoken word ends.  So, if you're looking for something fresh, inspiring, and undeniably danceable, "All You Can Do Is Try" is a must-listen.


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