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Emerging EuroPop Star NIKO Has Dropped 'Idol'

An upbeat burst of EDM blended with EuroPop to get those summertime spirits tingling, NIKO is shimmering on his newest offering ‘Idol’.

The first in a series of upcoming releases from the Los Angeles based artist, he finds his songwriting solace in love and lust, using those euphoric emotions to create irresistible dancefloor bangers. ‘Idol’ is brimming with pulsating beats, sun-soaked synths and alluring lyricism, as he captivates the listener with his Californian glow. Further describing the track’s inspirations, NIKO explains “Idol is a song about wanting to be seen and heard. It is also an exploration of the concept of fame, but it mostly can be interpreted as the need for love - the desire to be somebody’s somebody. Sonically, the song is influenced by 90’s dance and house music, and artists like Robyn, Years & Years and Danny L Harle.” “I wrote an early version of Idol a couple years ago, but sat on it as I was trying to find the best producer that could bring my vision to life. When I connected with Joakim Buddee, listened to his productions, I knew he was the right fit. We worked on the song completely remotely; he is in Sweden and I’m in the US, and travel was restricted due to Covid. We had Zoom sessions, and went back and forth on email until we finalized the track. I recorded the vocals in a studio on Sunset Boulevard, Joakim mixed the song in his studio in Stockholm, and then we sent it for mastering in Germany. It was a great collaboration for all parties involved”.

After relocating to the USA from Milan, NIKO spent time perfecting his craft, immersing himself in the elaborate nightclub lifestyle. Once the release of his 2019 debut EP ‘RMNC 21’ hit shores, he began to make waves across the dance music scene and has cultivated a loyal fanbase thanks to his brand of uplifting electronica, and he is one to keep an eye on this year.


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