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Emi Jeen Releases New Track 'Other Side'

Alt-pop artist Emi Jeen has released a music video for her latest and last single “Other Side” from her debut E.P., The Other Side.

With a thunderous bassline and kick drum intro, “Other Side” is dripping with angst before the attitude packed vocals kick in. The unrelenting soundscape is complemented further by the accompanying music video that flawlessly translated the emotionally volatile atmosphere of “Other Side” into an alluring and mystical delight.

Emi Jeen on her inspiration behind penning The Other Side:

“Other Side is a manifesto to the world telling them that we are all done with the hate, control, racism, sexism, dictatorship going on in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what colour you are or what you believe in, we are all warriors and we will fight together. We will no longer stay inside the box and keep quiet.”

Finding fame in the girl pop group A.K.A, Emi Jeen started her career with their hit single “Hot For Me” featuring on Ubisoft’s multi-million selling video game Just Dance 4. And while that adventure did not stand the test of time, Emi Jeen rediscovered her passion for music in 2015 finally taking to the stage again. Taking to the stage the world over, she has since rebranding and relaunched herself as an emerging artist worthy of the recognition.

New single “Other Side” by the incredibly thrilling Emi Jeen has served to cement her as one of the most enchanting up-and-coming pop artists on the scene.


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