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Emily Litta returns with Y2K-themed bop 'Not A Love Song'

After causing quite a stir at the end of last year with '+1,' Emily Litta emphatically returns once again with 'Not A Love Song.' This time around, she delivers an attitude-laden message of empowerment, syphoned through Y2K-pop into her sultry, R&B cocktail. A sum of her influences, Emily's music often walks the line between soulful nostalgia and ahead of the curve, contemporary R&B; with 'Not A Love Song' being the perfect example of that.

The idea behind Not A Love Song came about one day when I was in the studio and felt like writing a track that explored the consequences of a toxic relationship. I really wanted it to be an unfiltered f*ck you rather than another one of those sad love songs, so we kinda went the opposite way with it. It’s ballsy and a little in your face which is exactly what makes it so much fun to perform live.


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