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Foley Releases Dynamic EP 'Vacation'

A refreshing burst of power pop that has quenched our ears this Springtime, New Zealand duo Foley have delivered and more with the recent release of their sophomore EP ‘Vacation’. A five-track delight that exhibits their abundance of talent, a stand out single ‘Anything Before You’ looks set to be the song that takes them to a place beyond their imagination.

Richly textured and speckled with kaleidoscopic riffs, funky bass licks and punchy percussion, the rhythm has an undeniable groove to it that is fun and infectious. The band, made up of Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, have perfectly blended their individual talents to create the track, with Ash’s soaring vocals flowing alongside the vibrant beat, and Gabriel’s exquisite production skills blessing it with a glossy finish. Elaborating on the love-soaked lyricism of the song, they explain “Anything Before You was a chance to check ourselves and affirm what we were both feeling - that it’s OK to feel overwhelmed by your emotions and feel like your life has been reorientated with someone else. As much as there’s power in being confident by yourself, there’s definitely power in accepting someone else and it’s reassuring to embrace that new reality for no reason other than the fact it makes you feel good”.

Having been close friends for a few years before forming the band, Foley rely on their rollercoaster experiences as 20-somethings to source inspiration for their sound. With tracks such as ‘Talk About It’ and ‘Can’t Help The Way’ boasting over a million streams each on Spotify, it is clear that their youthful approach resonates with fans worldwide, and ‘Vacation’ is set to drive them crazy.

A band to keep a close eye on this year, Foley are a burst of vivacious energy that are set to make waves within the industry with their shimmering indie-pop.


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