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For alt-pop lovers, we present ZELAH's debut EP

With each release this year, dynamic duo Elliot and Zelah (collectively known as ZELAH) have been consistent with their outpouring of atmospheric alternative-pop.

On the EP, you'll hear the magical kinetics of 'Static', impassioned dreamscape 'Closer', powerful electronically-charge single 'Let Go', and completing the quartet, there's the emotional 'Run Away'. The entire EP leaves the impression of a push-pull motion between love and heartbreak, between acceptance and rejection, between joy and melancholy. This emotional, for want of a better word, rollercoaster is wrapped up in the perfect package of minimalist electronica, skillful guitar playing, versatile beats, and an undeniably beautiful vocal.

Now that you've got the basics, we'll let you discover ZELAH more by yourself. Listen to their I EP below.


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