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Ghita delivers a pop delight with 'Real Lies'

Following on from a wave of praise for her previously unveiled singles, which have landed her in publications such as Paper, Wonderland, Le Matin, Grazia, Highsnobriety, and Clash Magazine over the last few months, fast-rising artist Ghita now returns with her latest sultry offering ‘Real Lies’.

Toeing the line between bright and bouncing commercial pop and a more robust RnB direction, ‘Real Lies’ sees her return with a wonderfully smooth and enticing new release. With her sweet and soaring vocals layered between a rich and playful production, her newest delight looks to inject a much needed ray of sunshine into our lives.

Speaking about the new track, she said, “You would actually think it's about a relationship but I actually wrote the song with my good friend August Rigo (Justin Bieber, Kehlani, One Direction) after a horrible night fighting with an ex-manager who lied to me about money stuff. I came back home crying and the next day I was in the studio with Stereotypes (Bruno Mars, Cardi B) writing that song and that's where I met August for the first time and we had a similar story, the vibe was just there and since then we became good friends. The making of the music is becoming my favorite part of the process, I also can't wait to perform it. I really believe in that song. I cried while recording it. The tone of my voice was softer and more sensitive than usual but we decided to keep my demo vocals cuz it came from a real real place".

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