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God-of-Chamby has dropped 'Things I like'

God-of-Chamby has done it again with his slick Afro-Trap track 'Things I Like'.

Heroing his African heritage, the America-based artist uses fast and dynamic beats while drawing on a diverse range of sonic influences from Afrobeat, Grime, Hip-Hop and Pop to create this slick track.

Chamby is a man who knows what he likes and knows what he wants and this track is a musical depiction of exactly that. Chamby explains"Bow to the middle of my greatness. I went more raunchy on this single as I'm really coming into the boss that I am so it's time everyone recognize it”.

Since his burst to fame as a child actor in Nigeria Chamby has worked hard to craft and perfect his art. Check out his latest track here:

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