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GunFight Returns With Hard-Hitting Dance Anthem “Rough House in the Rave”

Following heavy releases “Unspoken” and “Breached,” which showcased GunFight’s unmatched ability to curate immersive drum & bass and dubstep vibes, the rising producer has now returned with his brand new single, “Rough House in the Rave.” The LA-based talent has become notorious for incorporating any genre into his productions, and “Rough House in the Rave” is no exception.

Driven by incredible house grooves, that are paired with deep low end and distorted growls and synths, “Rough House in the Rave” puts GunFight’s impressive production skills on display throughout its 3+ minutes of duration, and is bound to quickly start lighting up dancefloors across the world in no time. Make sure to listen to “Rough House in the Rave” and stay tuned for more music from GunFight.


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