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Harry Keyworth's Passion Is Captured In Lastest Release 'Never Over'

Born and raised in West Wales to a tarot card reading mother and a musician father, Harry Keyworth quickly discovered his passion in life; music. After mastering the art of fast fingerpicking on an acoustic guitar from a young age, he embarked on a career that has seen his unique discography of country folk blues resonate with fans worldwide. Deciding to take a new experimental avenue with his latest offering, ‘Never Over’ is still quintessentially Harry, except with an alluring twist.

‘Never Over’ is described as a love song, yet it’s words could be translated to far more, which is the magic of Harry’s lyricism. As his words wrap around the gritty acoustics and powerful percussive beat of the melody, they come to life, and transport the listener into the palm of the Welsh artist. “Lyrically, the song ‘Never over’ is expressed as a love song, though this perspective only reveals certain truths about deeper hidden meanings”, Harry explains, “The line “Maybe I tried and died a thousand times over, only time will tell” may at first be heard as reflecting the trials and tribulations of lovers. Yet it is equally applicable to the wider values and causes we are compelled to labour and suffer for.”

After the devastating loss of his father, Harry took some time away to develop his craft, reflecting on the challenges many face across society to tap into an emotional outlook other than his own, hence his newly refined approach. With inspirations drawing from the likes of Sampha, D’Angelo and Bon Iver, his country twist is a perfect blend of hard-hitting narratives and raw, irresistible rhythms, truly showcasing his impeccable artistry.

A captivating talent that has continued to shine over the years, ‘Never Over’ is a brilliant new style from Harry Keyworth, and one that is set to take him far.


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