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Indie outfit Eugenia Post Meridiem deliver outstanding new single 'around my neck'

High energy, intriguing and utterly enigmatic, Italian band Eugenia Post Meridiem have returned with their second 2022 single, the incredible 'around my neck'.

Following closely on from their previous single + video 'willpower' revealed just 3 weeks previously, the talented group of musicians are moving full speed ahead to their sophomore album release like i need tension, tipped for release in November.

Oozing with talent, chemistry and charisma, Eugenia Post Meridiem are a delicious smorgasbord of genres, flavours and a ridiculously high level of musicianship. Drawing on a multitude of influences, they sit somewhere in the vast universe of Hiatus Kaiyote, Christine and the Queens, PYJÆN and Tame Impala. Simply put, this band are one that you seriously need to keep an eye and an ear on.

Don't let your ears miss out on this kaleidoscope of sounds!

“This song was born from a riff written by Giovanni during the lockdown and reworked afterwards. The original composition had a crazy chord progression that was simplified during the arrangement process ending up in a loop of four chords played over an afrobeat groove which breaks when the chorus hits, changing the hypnotic mood of the verse, the bass drops and the mood becomes darker and colder, than a monotone voice leads once again to the verse and in the end leads to a male choir improvisation, a dreamy vocal prayer that blends gradually in a dawn. Those musical ideas are conceptualised in the lyrics as a mantra repeating itself almost like a prayer about what we probably mean when we say ‘human freedom’. We are trying to summon an image of someone facing two giants: life and death; being frozen by deep fear, but then at a time having this feeling of being something way more noble and greater, an ‘existence’ that walks over them.”

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