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Inkfields Returns With Tasteful Single “Riccio”

Drawing inspiration from a number of musical influences, Samuel James-Griffiths, best known under his musical alias Inkfields, is creating soothing indie pop anthems that are as intricate as they are tasteful. For his fourth original release this year, the Scotland-based musician is making his debut on rising London label Absent Mind, releasing one of his best cuts to date with “Riccio.” 

Reflecting on the world of social media and the world around us, “Riccio” is a truly thoughtful song. Driven by washed out guitar melodies and smooth keys, it carries a soulful and jazzy energy that goes a long way with the help of Inkfields’ relaxing vocal performance. 

“’Riccio’ is about the journey of love. How it takes you through gut wrenching moments up to peaks in which you feel unconquerable. The track was written and recorded during the depths of lockdown,” explains Inkfields. “A friend of mine was going through a difficult relationship break up at the time, inspiring the lyrics for the song. The message is simple and clear: ‘love isn’t always easy and when things get tough, it’s ok as there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.’”


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