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Introducing brand new one-to-watch Alex Frew

Alex Frew is a self-proclaimed introvert, and while he deals with social anxiety, he finds an outlet through his music. It's perhaps for this reason that the eighteen-year-old Canadians has leant into the overtly upbeat pop that we can hear on his debut single 'Get Out Alive'.

Every word of this fresh pop song is tinged with anxious feelings and the angst of teenage heartbreak. That's what we love about 'Get Out Alive', it sums up all those moments in our lives where melancholy, stress, disappointment and anticipation is mixed up into an inescapable force that shuts our bodies down. Yet, if there's one thing to learn from Alex Frew, is that these emotions pass, whether that's with time or through talking to friends, writing them down, or channelling them into the next hit single.

While we get the impression that Frew isn't one a huge talker, he has given us this delightful short introduction:

“Hi! I’m Alex Frew, you may have never heard of me, and if it was up to me, I would like to keep it that way. For me, my music speaks for me and my debut single “Get Out Alive” is loud and clear. I’m singing of a previous love lost, navigating my social anxiety and wondering if I’ll ever be the same again. This theme is juxtaposed with my soothing vocals that will make you fall in love with me; but if it was up to me…I hope you don’t. Listen to Get Out Alive, and follow my world on IG”.


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