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Jazz inspired guitarist Neil C Young takes on Alice in Chains!

Based in the UK, Neil’s jazz guitar work is best described as effortlessly original. Fuelled with soul and energy with every arrangement that he creates, it’ll come as no surprise that Neil has received praise from the likes of US Magazine ‘Just Jazz Guitar Magazine’ and the ‘Musicians Union’. Having worked with and played alongside many artists such as Nick Blacka (GoGo Penguin), Nathan Bray (Guy Barker, Ronnie Scotts Big Band), Soweto Kinch, Wendy Kirkland (Piano Divas), Ben Crosland (Jim Mullen, Rod Mason, John Etheridge) and Gary Boyle (Isotope) to name a few.

Speaking about the spinetingling version of Alice in Chains‘Them Bones’, Neil states, “When I heard it for the first time, the power and energy hit me immediately. Having that ringing around my head for years led me to create an arrangement for my fusion trio. I wanted to keep the drive of the original but to add some of our/my influences into it, notably the harmony of the original chorus where I got a suggestion of latin harmony from, which I’ve tried to play on in our arrangement”.

The lyrical content is something I am fully aware of and have always accepted life has an end and we can't do anything about that fact so the emotional aspect is something that I've tried to maintain but, as in life, there are emotional moments along the way we can't deny.”


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