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Josin is an artistic nomad that plays within a timeless, experimental and ambient musical sound. Her soaring voice is often layered on top of an intentionally atmospheric instrumental. Josin’s latest release, The Darkness, touches upon a familiar sense of numbness that is felt both on mass, as well as at an individual level.

Josin is a multi-talented artist that has refined skills in graphic design, accountancy and a plethora of instruments. Having grown up in a classical household, this creative grew to love the arts through opera singing parents that hold German and Korean roots. Josin’s own musical eccentricity led to a rebellion against her piano teacher, and instead, led Josin down an adventurous path of untraditional teenage melancholy. After short stints at medical, dental and economics school, Josin was irrevocably drawn to music as a career.

Josin aspires for her music to be both uncomfortable and confronting in some manner. This unusual stance has led to collaborations with artists like Kiasmos and RY X. She looks for the pressure spot, the moment of pain that has the ability to challenge and trigger. Josin’s debut album, In The Blank Space, embraced this distinctive facet of her writing.

New single, The Darkness, is the first injection of Josin’s work in 2021 before her upcoming EP later this year. In the primary segment of the EP, Josin confesses a disoriented juxtaposition between life’s ceaseless treadmill and a stagnant feeling within. Josin realises that there is hope within the darkness, “Yes I’ve been drowned in darkness too, but here’s my inside”.

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