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Julianna Laine treats us to her upbeat new single 'remind you'

Following on from the enormous praise she received for her recent singles ‘Eighteen’ and ‘Where Did All My Friends’, which have each racked up tens of thousands of streams online as well as featuring on Canadian TV stations Global TV and City TV, Canadian singer and songwriter julianna laine now returns with her latest upbeat offering ‘remind you’.

Working once again with her regular co-producer Ethan Burke, ‘remind you’ sees the artist take on a more lo-fi and groove-laden aesthetic this time around. Moving away from the bright and glossy energy of her previous offerings, this new release sees her settle on a more minimal and chilled direction, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that channels a more synth-pop direction.

Speaking about the new release, she said, “this song is about a relationship ending and wanting to remind somebody why they loved you in the first place. there is a bit of hopefulness to this song and an element of wishing you could go back to the moment when you first fell in love.”

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