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Julie Elody Releases Wonderful Music Video For “All Or Nothing”

Starting her career as the vocalist and songwriter of funk-rock band The Fake Carls, Julie Elody decided to go solo in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since. The 25-year-old’s raw talent and sweet voice allowed her to quickly work on high-profile collaborations with the likes of MKJ on “Mountain Lion” and Jako Diaz on “Gonna Dance With Your Girl”, followed by her debut EP Queen of Wands in 2019. Earlier this year, Julie Elody dropped her acclaimed single “All Or Nothing”, and now to the delight of fans, she just dropped a music video for the 80s-inspired track. 

Dominated by a purple and pink palette of tones, the music video for “All Or Nothing” has Julie Elody surrounded by colourful cupcakes, sweets and tea as she performs, and is filled with artful shots and aesthetics that breathe new life into the single. 

“All or nothing is a song about keeping yourself busy to distract from your own uncomfortable feelings,” explained Julie Elody. “Being busy and productive can look like you have it all together, when in reality it's a coping mechanism for feeling overwhelmed/anxious. But sometimes this anxiety can make even one action near impossible.  Indecisiveness about the “right” decision is so paralyzing that you end up doing nothing.” 


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