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Julie Elody Shines On New Single 'All Or Nothing'

While in her early career she was the singer and songwriter of funk-rock band The Fake Carls, Julie Elody took the decision of riding on her own a couple of years ago and has been showcasing her unique ear for electro-pop with her songs ever since. Prestigious collaborations followed her first solo releases “Sirens” and “The Lighthouse”, and now with her first release this year, Julie Elody is one step closer to taking over the industry. 

Coming in the form of 'All Or Nothing”, this latest work is perhaps one of her best to date. Characterized by tasteful, 80s-inspired production, the single is exactly what we needed right now, touching on universal subjects such as people distracting themselves from their anxieties and staying pre-occupied in order to avoid facing them head-on. 

“All or nothing is a song about keeping yourself busy to distract from your own uncomfortable feelings,” says Julie Elody. “Being busy and productive can look like you have it all together, when in reality it's a coping mechanism for feeling overwhelmed and anxious.”

A sentiment many can relate to, "All Or Nothing' throws Julie Elody’s aptitude for catchy song-writing on full display. Check this new tune below:


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