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KEVV Gives Us Lo-fi Hip Hop With His Latest Track 'Max Out'

Toronto artist KEVV is providing chilled lo-fi vibes in his latest pastel coloured Hip Hop track ‘Max Out'.

With a plethora of successful tracks in his wake, following the release of his first EP “Connect”, KEVV is back and taking on his next challenge. The track’s heavy trap-inspired beats expertly balanced with whimsical synth chimes and fused with a candid flow and delicate harmonies build to give this track an overall unique and atmospheric sound.

Kevv spoke briefly about the meaning of the track, Don't stress, just follow your instincts”.

KEVV has also teamed up with his brother, Yan, to form their own duo - HWD which also fuses Hip-Hop and R&B, they work to curate atmospheric melodies using Trap and R&B elements.

His recent debut EP “Connect” left an impression on many and with a strong follow-up single such as ‘Max Out’ we are keen to see where KEVV goes next.


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