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Kitty Montague is back with introspective track ‘Always On My Mind’

The stunning Kitty Montague is back with her next gentle pop bop ‘Always On My Mind’.

We loved Kitty’s recent release ‘Bad Boy’ and are equally as impressed with the R&B-tinged track. By leveraging magnetic beats, slick productions and soul piano along with Kitty’s signature sultry vocals and interesting melodies create a overall

Lyrically, the instrospetive track takes a magnifying glass to the comfort of relationships. She explains“This song is an inward conversation about an on-off relationship that I consistently went back to whenever I felt lonely. It’s a very real narration of the confusion I felt trying to identify my own feelings, whilst at the expense of someone else”.

With the support of music industry spearheads such as Sofar Sounds, Secret Sessions and BBC Introducing we’re excited to she where she is headed next.

Check out ‘Always On My Mind’ here:


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