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Ksenia And Stevie Mackey Collide On Pop Anthem "Only Want You More"

Ksenia has been working hard this year, proving to the world day by day that she is an emerging pop star. Her latest single “Fire With Fire”, which came out earlier this year, was definitely her most successful to date, peaking at #47 on the iTunes pop chart and being promoted on billboards in New York's Time Square.

The budding talent is now following up the acclaimed single with yet another release, this time enlisting her vocal coach Stevie Mackey for the emotional ballad “Only Want You More”. Mackey is also a vocal coach for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Fergie to name just a few, so his contribution to the song is nothing short of massive. “Only Want You More” is a stunning, piano-driven ballad that impresses and is definitely an exciting step-forward for Ksenia. 

This song is about a break-up and trying to let go. It’s also inspired by a true story - not mine, but a close friend of mine. She just broke up with her boyfriend and we spent a lot of time talking on the phone and swapping our favorite break up songs… eventually, I got inspired to write a song based on her experience - her very own personal breakup song! I am very proud to collaborate on this song with the amazing Stevie Mackie. He added so much soul to the record and brought it to the next level. I hope you enjoy our pandemic anthem and if you really love and miss someone, tell them now.

- Ksenia

Listen to 'Only Want You More' below:


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