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Listen to Alana Sukul's heartfelt R&B funk-pop single "Be Friends"

Alana Sukul is one of the many young people who had to face a whole new and unpredictable reality over the past year. For some it meant delaying travel plans, learning from home or missing out on those first internship and job opportunities. It hasn't been easy, but young creatives like Alana Sukul has shown the ability to overcome these obstacles by taking this unique time in all of our lives to make music instead. For the teenager, the feeling she couldn't escape was the one of loss following the break down of a close friendship and thus we have "Be Friends".

As the South West Londoner shares:"Friendship breakups can sometimes hurt a lot worse than your typical romantic breakup, I hope this song will help listeners to grieve over the loss by dancing it out.”

By combining pop essence, funk rhythms and R&B melodies, all encased in a modern electro-pop sphere, Alana has indeed make the perfect space for dancing out those negative emotions.


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