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Listening to 'All Those Minutes Ago' from Litvar's new album

Listening to Litvar's latest single, 'All Those Minutes Ago,' was like embarking on a sonic journey through time and emotion. As a longtime fan who has already had the pleasure of delving into their new album, Eloquently Aimless, this track stood out as a brilliant encapsulation of the album's overarching themes and sound. It's a blend of indie pop and alternative rock, exemplifying Litvar's signature sound. The opening chords immediately drew me in, and when the vocals kicked in, I was transported to a world where melancholy met hope. It's a sonic landscape where introspection and nostalgia intertwine, creating a powerful and emotionally charged listening experience, much like the album as a whole. The song's lyrics are poignant and relatable, weaving a tale of reminiscence and reflection on the passage of time. It mirrors the broader themes explored throughout the album, making it a standout track that conveys Litvar's songwriting prowess. 'All Those Minutes Ago' touches the soul and it's a track that continues to linger in my thoughts, serving as a compelling reminder of the captivating musical journey that Litvar has undertaken with their new release.

“The album explores feelings of crawling out of dark mental spaces, confronting ego, being unsure of yourself, and wanting to go back in time and change your mistakes.”


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