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London born kav. releases intimate and unapologetically cathartic new track 'Animal Brain'

kav. is carving his own lane to success through his unique vocals and exquisite raw songwriting.

After releasing his powerful and heartfelt debut single ‘dissolve’ in 2021, London born Pierce Kavanagh, known as ‘kav.’, returns with his latest indie rock single ‘Animal Brain’, in anticipation of his debut EP ‘For New York’ set for release later this year.

Continuing the theme of heart wrenchingly honest lyrics and with Eric Sanderson (We Are Augustines) returning as producer, ‘Animal Brain’ cements Kav as a truly authentic and song-focused artist. The initial intimacy of the track centres around Kav’s stark, delicate vocal before erupting into resounding rock verses and unapologetically cathartic choruses of “I need to train my animal brain”. With nods to the likes of The National and Frightened Rabbit, ‘Animal Brain’ showcases Kav’s ability to blend the intimate with the powerful.

Kav on the song: “Animal Brain is a track of 2 halves. It's a song about a need for change, which I guess is something everyone feels at some point in their lives whether it be in their careers or personal lives. Eric and I tracked the guitars and bass, and Rob Allen (drummer of Augustines) came in and blew me away with his ferociousness on the drums. My band mate, Scott Viney came to New York for the finishing touches that ended up making the track feel really big. Animal Brain is a song that sits very close to mine and Scotts hearts. We've been jamming it together in previous projects over the years and it feels so good to finally record it and put it out in the world, we're very proud of it. I hope it resonates.”


Camden Chapel, London, 24/02/22 - Headliner - sold out

Jaguar Shoes, London, 17/03/22 - Supporting LEAP

Bowery Electric, New York, 21/04/22

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