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LUXLEY Releases Conceptual Single “All On The Line”

Anyone who has kept an eye on LUXLEY knows just how uncompromising his artistic vision is, something that is evident when you go through his long and diverse catalog of dancefloor-ready, experimental music that bridges the gap between acid house and future. Since his debut in 2016, and he has been progressively building upon the previous successes of his career through a handful of tasteful, purpose-driven singles. 

His latest creation marks his first release this year and is titled “All On The Line,” birthed by a condition called chromesthesia, which allows LUXLEY to see sound in color. The visuals displayed in his head are solely unique to him and he is assigned the tasks of bringing these ethereal artistic abstractions into reality - musically and visually.

“All On The Line” follows an unconventional structure; it’s introduced with a heavenly, psychedelic display of production before bright synth chords take over in a future bass-esque fashion. Fuelled by powerful drums and glitch synths, the work follows a story about moving forward fearlessly and negating all fear, with Silver being a color symbolic of blind faith.

“Collectively, fear is a destructive power, and we have seen its consequences throughout civilization and history. By transcending fear individually and collectively, we are able to successfully move forward.” - Luxley

It’s a universally relevant message, made all the more important by today’s global circumstances that have many worried and afraid. Driven by a message of empowerment, the New Orleans artist brings profound artistic concepts to life with this compelling release.


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